Leadership in Economic Governance

The goal of the Project "Leadership in Economic Governance" is to create the conditions for the further development of local small and medium-sized enterprises and to support and develop the interaction of local authorities, business entities and community in the local level. The project was implemented in the border towns of the Lviv region, namely Yavoriv and Zhovkva.

The following activities were hold within the framework of the project:

1. Analysis of Barriers to SMEs in the border towns (Yavoriv and Zhovkva)

2. Conducting 2 one-day sessions in Zhovkva and Yavoriv on the development of the "authority-community-business" cross-sectoral partnership and preparing proposals for improving business conditions.

3. Development of proposals for SME development programs in Yavoriv and Zhovkva

4. Conducting 2 one-day business workshops on the development of partnership cross-sector skills  "authority-community-business" in Zhovkva and Yavoriv

The result of the project was to increase awareness of the local community  in the methods and measures of cross-sectoral partnership in making strategic decisions, development practical steps to improve the conditions for  SMEs in selected cities. In the long run, it is planned to increase the share of SMEs in the structure of the economy in the two selected cities of Lviv region and increase revenues of local budgets as a result of project's implementation.