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International projects

The Institute has been a partner in the realization of international projects:


Public Monitoring on Energy Sector Reform at the Regional Level in the Context of Implementation of the Association Agreement between Ukraine and the EU

The aim of the project is to facilitate the implementation of pro-European reforms in the energy sector by organizing discussions with all stakeholders on the implementation, monitoring and advocacy of EU directives in the area of energy efficiency and the use of alternative energy sources and  raising of public awareness. Timeframe of the Project: February 2018 - January 2019.

The project is implemented  by the NGO "Institute of Regional Development" in the framework of the All-Ukrainian project "Regions for Reforms" of "Institute for Economic Research and Policy Consulting" and " European Truth " financed by EU in framework of program "Supporting Civil Society in Ukraine".


The project "Municipal Finance Strengthening Initiative (MFSI- II) Roll-out" in a part of implementing participatory budgeting in Ukraine's cities within a component "Strengthening the practices of citizen participation in the budget process at the local level in Ukraine" that was realized in more than 20 cities and towns of Ukraine.

The project is made possible by the support of the American people through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).



The goal of the Project "Leadership in Economic Governance" is to create the conditions for the further development of local small and medium-sized enterprises and to support and develop the interaction of local authorities, business entities and community in the local level. The project was implemented in the border towns of the Lviv region, namely Yavoriv and Zhovkva.

The following activities were hold within the framework of the project:

1. Analysis of Barriers to SMEs in the border towns (Yavoriv and Zhovkva)

2. Conducting 2 one-day sessions in Zhovkva and Yavoriv on the development of the "authority-community-business" cross-sectoral partnership and preparing proposals for improving business conditions.

3. Development of proposals for SME development programs in Yavoriv and Zhovkva

4. Conducting 2 one-day business workshops on the development of partnership cross-sector skills  "authority-community-business" in Zhovkva and Yavoriv

The result of the project was to increase awareness of the local community  in the methods and measures of cross-sectoral partnership in making strategic decisions, development practical steps to improve the conditions for  SMEs in selected cities. In the long run, it is planned to increase the share of SMEs in the structure of the economy in the two selected cities of Lviv region and increase revenues of local budgets as a result of project's implementation.

2013-2015  The project under the Cross Border Cooperation Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2007-2013 “Enterprise development through making investment areas of the Municipality of Lubaczow accessible  and the recultivation of degraded areas of Yavoriv and Novyi Rozdil districts”

THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THE PROJECT IS: Creating suitable conditions for enterprise development in borderland areas of Poland and Ukraine.

Partners: Lead Partner: The Municipality of Lubaczow (PL), Partner 1: The Gmina of Lubaczow, Partner 2: The Regional Council in Yavoriv, Partner 3: City Council in Novyi Rozdil, Partner 4: The Institute of Regional Development (Lviv, UA)


Specific objective 1: Making the investment areas of the Municipality and Gmina of Lubaczow attractive and accessible through building and modernization of technical and communication infrastucture.
Specific objective 2: Making the investment areas of Yavoriv Raion and the Town of Novyi Rozdil accessible through recultivation of post-industrial (sulphur) areas
Specific objective 3: Stimulating enterprise development in borderland areas by producing enterprise development policy and other relevant documents and setting up and building capacity of the enterprise development institutions.

10.01.-31.05.2012 - GIZ project of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (Germany) on Retraining of managerial staff.

2009-2010 – project financed by the International Renaissance Foundation “Public examination of regulation of prices (tariffs) at the regional level.”

Project results:

  • improvement of price regulation on the number of consumer goods and services in Lviv Oblast;
  • use of teaching and methodical materials in the NGOs activity about public examination (as a methodological basis);
  • development and dissemination of methods for realization of public examination in the field of price regulation;
  • information dissemination on opportunities and effectiveness of public examinations, as a modern form of cooperation between the authorities and the public;

2009 - the project financed by the Council of Europe “Support of good governance: Project against corruption in Ukraine (UPAC)”

Project results:
A 5 day training session was conducted for representatives of the investigatory powers and public prosecutor's office on detection and investigation of corruption and money laundering related offences.

2008-2009 - project financed by the Council of Europe “The project against money laundering and funding of terrorism in Ukraine MOLI-UA-2”

Project results:

  • A 5-day final seminar was conducted on techniques of investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing, which was attended by 40 persons from various regions of Ukraine
  • A 4-day seminar was conducted on special techniques of investigation of money laundering and terrorist financing for the regional departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and other law enforcement bodies, which was attended by 40 persons from various regions of Ukraine
  • A 2-day conference was conducted on anti-money laundering, which was attended by 90 people.

2003-2004 - the project financed by the Carpathian Foundation “Promotion of the development of Ukrainian-Polish cross-border cooperation in the conditions of the Polish Republic integration into the EU”

Project results:

  • Research on the impact of Poland's entry into the EU on small and medium business of the border regions of Ukraine
  • Roundtable with participation of government representatives, NGOs and entrepreneurs on the development of Ukrainian-Polish cross-border cooperation in conditions of integration of Poland into the EU.
  • Study tour to Poland of representatives of business supporting infrastructure to explore new tools of SME counseling.
2002 - project by support of the U.S. Agency for International Development Microfinance for small and medium businesses. Realities and Prospects